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My Wedding

I've been working on a little project.  Designing my own wedding dress.  Sort of a dressy casual Vegas, hitched by the King.  That's right, Elvis, the never dead legend himself.  I had an image of what Larry would wear.  Tommy Bahama shirt with a cream silk trouser. 

My gown is going to be a beaded Chantilly lace tunic over a cream silk crepe camisole and bias skirt.  3/4 length sleeves and a 'v' neck.  I have a pretty blue necklace Larry gave me that I'll wear with it.  Dressy sandles and a purse. 

Now that I have a vision, it's time to work on the pattern and fit a muslin mock up to work out the kinks and check the design lines...


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Wedding Gown Alterations

Wedding dress alterations should be a part of your wedding gown budget.  To get that great fit; the one that makes you look and feel stunning in the grandest dress of you're life, you need to have it altered from a mass produced gown to your own unique garment.

Alterations can range from perfecting the fit to restyling.  With vintage gowns it may be a job of restoration or giving it a fresh new look.  Make it strapless, give it a higher neckline, sleeves, embellishments, or beads.  Add color with a custom sash or corset tie. 

You should budget $150 -$350 for alterations.  Don't feel limited to sticking with the services of the shop where you bought the dress.  It doesn't matter how big a name the store has, it doesn't guarantee the skills of their sewing shop.  Go to someone who specializes in dress alterations.  It doesn't mean it will cost more, but rather it will cost less in the end.

I'm available for wedding gown alterations for weddings dates three month…

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It’s almost New Year’s, and you’ve got parties to go to. Now it's time to find a dressy holiday look: one that will work for most black tie, cocktail, business formal and formal holiday parties. Usually the event invitation will clue you into the formality of the event, whether it's casual or black tie. But sometimes even that will cause confusion (short dress or long?) In general, the later in the day the event (after 6 p.m.), the dressier. Long dresses are usually reserved only for formal (black tie) occasions.
You could just wear a little black dress (classy, flattering and slenderizing), but why not explore some of the other dressy options? Red, bold prints, even gold are dramatic enough for evening wear. Choose from silks, brocades, organza, velvet and other luxurious fabrics. Look through magazines and catalogs for inspiration. Can’t find the perfect look? Now’s the time to call me for a consultation to put your ideas together and create the dress you want.

My Finished Wedding Gown

What fun Larry and I had that day with friends on a hot Vegas day at the famous landmark sign.