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Wedding Gown Alterations

Wedding dress alterations should be a part of your wedding gown budget.  To get that great fit; the one that makes you look and feel stunning in the grandest dress of you're life, you need to have it altered from a mass produced gown to your own unique garment.

Alterations can range from perfecting the fit to restyling.  With vintage gowns it may be a job of restoration or giving it a fresh new look.  Make it strapless, give it a higher neckline, sleeves, embellishments, or beads.  Add color with a custom sash or corset tie. 

You should budget $150 -$350 for alterations.  Don't feel limited to sticking with the services of the shop where you bought the dress.  It doesn't matter how big a name the store has, it doesn't guarantee the skills of their sewing shop.  Go to someone who specializes in dress alterations.  It doesn't mean it will cost more, but rather it will cost less in the end.

I'm available for wedding gown alterations for weddings dates three month…